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If you carried out a dip-stick survey and asked top ad and media agencies in Nigeria who their choicest clients were, you can be certain they would mention clients within the Telecommunications, Financial, FMCG or Oil/Gas industry. With the 2015 elections around the corner, they most likely would add one more client to their list – Political office holders/seekers.

Nigeria has a very free market for broadcasting political messaging. Like their counterparts in other parts of the world, Nigerian politicians have discovered the immeasurable, persuasive power of advertising to influence eligible voters especially, to support their ideas and get their votes. From heavy jingles on television and radio to huge billboards splattered all over the country, ads of various political parties and their aspirants have taken the front burner in the Nigerian Mass Media.

Thanks to CNN’s outright rejection of 2015-related adverts for its overt political messages, a lot of the advertising budget will now be redirected to local media and ad agencies, thereby boosting employment. It is estimated that over N20B would be spent on political campaigns in 2015.

Clinching this sort of account is the way to go. Inspite of its fickle nature and short life expectancy, we hope you tap into the huge windfall from political parties and politicians’ patronage in the coming electioneering campaigns.

Will Agencies take time to screen their prospective clients for the interest of national growth or will they simply key into the largesse? Will the ads actually sway voters? Will the candidates actually fulfill all that they have promised? Will the elections be free and fair? Will the best man win? As valid as these questions are, they would certainly be far from the minds of members of the board when the fiscal year comes to an end. Certainly, more billings and bottom line profit will be top priority. After all, this is business.

With all the hardwork, sleepless nights, money and money’s worth put in to developing a political campaign, we wouldn’t care less if the masses “pless umburella or broom” or whatever other symbol the political parties adopt as part of their identity. We can only hope that as an agency/individual pitching for a political account, the odds be ever in your favour.