inebriate When it seems like your brain has run out of juice, what do you take to get the ideas flowing again? Alcohol or coffee? Which makes you a creative badass and gets the job done?

Some feel more alive and focused after a cup of espresso, others take a shot of vodka and their brain erupts with ideas from every creative sphere. The ideas rapidly spawn and seem to materialize before their very eyes.

I’m not a big fan of coffee (none of us is…we do bottles…for the pain). So I really can’t testify to its idea-generating powers. Alcohol? oh my!

Whichever form the alcohol takes – a bottle of ice cold brew, a shot of vodka or brandy, a glass of wine; that shit works wonders. (I swear, there is scientific evidence backing this up, google it up, maybe?) You’re making a presentation to a client and the words seem to flow without all ‘em retarded pauses, ums, or ahs. You’re typing 350 WPM without looking at the keyboard. The right hemisphere of your brain literally explodes with creative juice and the somewhat noisy kaleidoscope of colours takes a more organized spectrum…washere, you’re on a roll, mehn. If that isn’t ultimate redefined, I don’t know what is.

Alcohol consumption makes one better at creative problem-solving tasks. If you doubt me, I suggest you carry out a little test in your agency. Split your creative team into two teams – #TeamInebriates and #TeamSober. Let #TeamInebriates take as much alcohol as they want (hopefully, they’ll take it in mild doses). Just assume it’s a TGIF party without the MD. Or better still, get the bloody MD in on it. (Ahmean, it’s controlled scientific research). Allow the other team stay sober.

Now give both teams a brief and tell them to come up with as many ideas as possible within 2hours. I can bet my entire life savings (not sure it amounts to much, I’m just a bloody copywriter) that the team of drinkers will come up with the best ideas.

Here’s what I think:

Alcohol is what you take when you need to come up with award-winning ideas and you have less than an hour to deliver …the kind that gets you twelve promotions in one year. It is my prescription but you might need to figure out what amount to consume yourself. I can’t do that ‘cos I’ve not seen your brief.

Coffee is what you take when you want to stay alert and focused to execute or follow through on your idea(s). It also comes in handy when you don’t want to be caught dozing off on duty, especially on a Monday morning.

Conclusion of the matter is: Take alcohol in the morning, coffee in the afternoon. Or better still, take alcohol to think up awesome ideas then serve your colleagues coffee to get the job done. Both works really 😀

A few other creative gangsters will recommend ‘kana bees sativa’…I hear it works wonders…if by wonders you mean going gaga with crazy ideas that will neither be approved by your Creative Director nor the Client…but again, who needs their approval, right? #daretobedifferent. Some would say it is the ultimate conduit to your creative muse.

Whatever option you choose though, drink responsibly! TGIF!..Monday. My bad.


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