1. It is shitty…and there’s only so much bullshit one can put up with.

2. We know you are the boss… Ta lo n ba e drag? But you’re trying too hard…and this sucks ‘cos you do nothing at all…literally. Everybody wants a boss who’s not just a supervisor but a mentor that’s always hand-on.

3. You expect us to work our butts off and you pay so freaking little money…what do we look like? Your help?

4. You do not appreciate awesome creative work…you’re so complacent…pretty satisfied with basic, sub-standard work, nothing interesting. Hence no awards – local or international. Who sticks with a loser?

5. You are so full of yourself. You know what they say about empty barrels? You wouldn’t…ask Google maybe?

6. Promises are made in job descriptions and interviews that aren’t kept. What are you? A politician?

7. It’s been 5years since I signed-up under you and my portfolio isn’t worth a crap. Why? Did you just ask me that? Read point 15, schmuck!

8. You keep hiring shit. ‘Hiring the wrong employee wastes time, money and causes unnecessary frustration for everyone, in small words you keep stiring the muck… kinda feels like having a boil up your rear end…’ lose the dead weight already….What part of this do you not understand?

9. You’ve refused to invest in your people. No trainings, no work tools, no nothing…just a bunch of relics you call computers with softwares that can crash for Africa.

10. You have refused to cut us some slack…yeah, we’ve been brainwashed and have chosen to be led like sheep….RULES! RULES! RULES! No one likes rules that make no sense. ‘Submit a daily report of jobs done’, ‘do not re-paint your office to the colours of your choice’…really?

11. You do not take annual performance reviews seriously. They are a sheer waste of time ‘cos the forms all end up forgotten either in the HR’s dusty cupboard or in the waste bin.

12. There’s so much politicking and victimization going on. You absolutely have no idea what a great work environment should look/feel like.

13. Your management style sucks. Hello micro-manager of the decade.

14. You do not value creative talent. You treat them like shit.

15. You never push back or politely tell clients their ideas are shit. You say ‘yes’ to all our client’s dippy suggestions just because you think it’s the easiest way to make money. Shit should recognize shit, the same way real recognizes real…but in your case…you know what…never mind. I’m gone.

I swear down, these reasons are legit. They are valid and you can take them to the bank.
So hey u, owner of an #AdAgency…why not do some honest self-appraisal? Is your Agency all shades of shitty…like literally? Fix it or lose it.


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