Advertising meets Chemistry


In my proud opinion, Advertising is about the coolest profession ever. It is a unique combination of art, creativity, maths, psychology, marketing, media and CHEMISTRY!

You may beg to differ, but I think Advertising is a youthful business, for people in their 20s, 30s and persons who are young at heart (wanna do a headcount of peepz within that age bracket in your Agency?). With all that zest and passion to do a great job comes lots of on-the-job chemistry.

Truth is, if there’s no chemistry, there are no great ideas.

How about we reiterate what the ideation process is really like? Lots of happy-go-lucky guys and ladies ‘locked’ up in a room, no conference, trying to dissect a brief or themselves, whichever happens first (anything for the client, you know). Without creative collaboration, communication and chemistry, nothing happens. There’s no science or formula to it.

Infact, most Ad. Agencies recognize and encourage this form of bonding when they pair up copywriters and art directors to work on certain projects. There’s something magical about being in a room together, making occasional eye glances and just sitting there and laughing loud together and having a good time together whilst brainstorming on an idea or ideas together.

Creative teams spend more time together than they spend with their respective family members, spouses or partners. During that time, endless hours are spent working on solutions. They are honest with each other…they tell each other when an idea is not working and should be discarded. They try to solve issues and make ideas work. While doing this, bonding occurs, more like a creative marriage especially between an art director and a copywriter. They are like kindred, creative spirits that augment their abilities when they work together.

When an art director and a copywriter really connect over a concept, the feeling is nothing short of orgasmic. Creativity overflows…they lose track of time or even forget to eat. In such a state, the perfect copy spill across the page and the right visuals appear almost as if by some miracle.

Admit it or not, you need to have a credit in “Chemistry” to practice Advertising. It is very critical to idea generation.

But hold on one second, while reading this post, what account manager, art director or copywriter comes to mind? You know, that duo or trio when allowed to team up produce nothing short of awesome work ‘cos of their amazing chemistry? Or do you think this whole chemistry talk is a tad overrated? Pray, tell!


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2 responses to “Advertising meets Chemistry”

  1. THACHYK says :

    You couldn’t have said this way better! My best part ‘…Creativity overflows…they lose track of time or even forget to eat’. Infact, the creativity is the food. Lovely write-up I must confess!!! If any creative person does not experience the ‘Chemistry’ then …… *Quietly walks away*

  2. bottleforthepain says :

    Thanks for reading!

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