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A Word For C…

Go all out…Think outside the box…Don’t box yourself…Think like there’s no box…

Box ko…Bugs bunny nii. Mscheeeeew!

Few things are as annoying as getting a brief from a client asking Agency to go all out – come up with ground-breaking, original and creative ideas and then they end up discarding 90% of the brilliant ideas thought up on extraneous grounds.

More often than not, when clients see a groundbreaking, creative, unique idea, their first reaction is FEAR…No, that can’t work here…It simply cannot be done…The market isn’t ready for this…maybe it would work in the next couple of years but definitely not now. We’ve never done anything like that. Most clients don’t like uncharted waters…They’d rather be safe than ingenious.

But just so we’re clear…why exactly do organisations engage the services of Ad. Agencies? After all, thanks to new technology and the internet, they can do so much advertising and marketing work themselves…DIY kit anyone?

For some reasons though, top of which are an Agency’s massive experience, knowledge of best practice, style, values, approach and staff, most organisations have decided to recruit an Agency to help build/push their brands.

So why can’t they just trust Agencies to do a freaking brilliant job? You hired them for a reason. You hired them for their expertise and talents…no?
Agencies need to be given the opportunity to share their skills and prove themselves worthy of your trust. Stop being risk averse….try something new and different. Push boundaries. Innovate.

Your agency is trying their best to help you–they are not the enemy. All they want to do is a great job and, if you’ve chosen yours wisely, should have the ability to help positively impact your business. Do not make your Agency go through the meat grinder…they think outside the box but the ideas never go past your Powerpoint document.

Truth is, Agencies value their reputation and they know that the better they make their client look, the better they look. Agencies want to win awards too. Agencies are often trying to manage multiple jobs and tasks, for you and other clients, all at the same time. They want good referrals and ultimately they desire BIG clients ‘cos they come with less stress and plenty money!

Here’s what I think:
Clients need to begin to trust Agencies a lot more. Be the client that an Agency would be willing to run through walls for. Be that client who respects smart work, understands what it takes to do one, and respect the talents and experience of the people doing it. Be that client that goes through every possibility until you know for a fact it can or cannot be done.

Now how about you take this pledge:

I pledge to *insert name of Agency* my Agency

To be reasonable, faithful and creative

To always allow them think outside the box

Never killing a brilliant idea out of fear of the unknown

But to always follow through, exploring possibilities, right to the very end

So help me God


Here’s to a better Client/Agency relationship. *clinks wine glasses*