Is It Ever That Serious?


Few days ago, I saw a status update on the Facebook page of an Ad. Agency.

It read: “Working till 9pm few days a week is the Agency way of life. It’s not just about the money but our passion for the job. LIKE this post if you agree”

I can’t remember if the post got a lot of LIKES…but I can vividly remember that I was a tad upset…upset because as at the time I read the post, my Boss had just informed the team that we’d have to work late as there was a brief from a client that required urgent attention. I looked at my wristwatch. Time was 7:30pm. No joke.

Between the Client and the Account Manager, someone would have been shot that night – the latter, especially. Ahmean, why on God’s green earth would an Account Manager agree on a workable timeline with a client without confirming from the guys in Creative? But this again is an #AdRant for another day…

Here’s what I think…An ideal employee isn’t one who goes from 6am till 11pm everyday. No. It’s also not a crime if an employee leaves work after 8 working hours. No, it’s not. It’s perfectly okay. It has absolutely nothing to do with his work capability.

Working till very late several days a week isn’t proof of a dedicated, hardworking team. As a matter of fact, it oftentimes reflects bad management on the part of the Head of Department. Ever heard of time and people management?

When we work ourselves to death, what exactly do we stand to gain? Bonuses? A thank you e-mail from God…scratch that…the MD? A pat on the back?

What is all that compared to a debilitating health, strained family and love relationships? Like you put all that matter to you on the line so that a soap can get more brand awareness? Or so that you can meet an unrealistic deadline some bungling account manager promised the client? Are you kidding?

Bonuses are great. But will you spend that money 6ft below?

Thank you e-mails either from the client or the boss is awesome but you can’t put a link to the mail on your CV, can you? So what’s the point?

Hello! This is advertising we’re talking about here, not some higher calling and clients/accounts are as fickle as they come…the ads too. Anyone ever measured what the ‘life expectancy’ of an advertising campaign is? #LowkeyYou now want to come and die there?

Is it ever that serious?


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10 responses to “Is It Ever That Serious?”

  1. o'sheyi says :

    Good points raised. Everything should be in its place!!!

  2. Mesh says :

    They said we should count ourselves lucky that we have a job. You work odd hours to add value and credit to the company that gives you little is return and when any happen to you like 6ft, the best your family will get is condolence. Business will continue as usual.

  3. Ennie says :

    #word. if only account managers will learn that its ok not to lick all clients balls. *sigh*

  4. SHEIS says :

    It is a general saying that “the clients pay the bills” so we should slave to death for them.
    Thanks Bottleforthepain for the good writeup, I pray all agencies “bosses” get to read this

  5. farapack says :

    Only thing u can do bout is be damn good at what you do, period! Don’t see any basis to complain cause we love what we do!

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