Letter ‘C’ Stole the Meat From the…

“Oh me?”

“Yes you!”

My friends are so pained right now. They just literally asked for a bottle…for the pain. Blue Label, maybe?

Hey Barman!

Someone stole their ‘meat’ in broad daylight…right before their very eyes…or ‘in their very before’ like my good man Zebrudaya would say.

You would think that since they know who the culprit is, they could get some justice and all would be well with the Universe…for where?

Letter ‘C’ is brutal. No remorse whatsoever. He can’t be ‘bovered’. Infact he will steal from you again and again…Nothing dey happen.

But seriously guys, how do we handle IDEA THEFT by some of these clients?

Every Adman is aware of the hardwork, sleepless nights, money and money’s worth put in to develop a brilliant proposal, especially if it’s a pitch. Great ideas don’t just happen! They are the result of substantial time, effort and resources!

It’s bad enough that after all the time, effort and resources put in a project, an Agency is sent that carefully-worded, heart-breaking mail informing them that they did not win the pitch. Why will a client compound the problem by ‘stealing’ their idea(s) and giving it to another Agency to execute or even execute themselves?! Why?! And they want to make heaven, ba?

Sometimes, Agencies are not even notified of their disqualification. They find out the hard way…just like my friends did. *big sigh* Mehn, you don’t want to know the gist.

Have you ever worked on an Event Proposal, say a Launch campaign for a client. You sent in your proposal like every other Agency. 3 weeks later and still no response from the client. You try to reach your contact on the client-side and he tells you the project is on hold because a particular Director has gone on vacation, visiting his ancestors, friends and family.

You foolishly chill, hoping he gets back to you as soon as he decides to ‘unhold’ the project only for you to see pictures of the Launch Event on BellaNaija the next day! I swear, the only pain close to what you’d feel would be labour pains.

Here’s what I think…Some Clients idea-shop all in the name of a pitch. They just send out RFPs like baits and trust Agencies to fall for the trap. Agencies literally fall over themselves all in a bid to win pitches. The struggle is real, man. Client collates all the ideas, tweaks a few things and executes themselves…or worst still give to a competing Agency.

But enough of the bullcrap! Agencies need to have the audacity to get clients (prospective or current) to sign a legal agreement at the pitch stage, clearly specifying that the ideas put forward cannot be used without the agency’s permission or without adequate compensation.

Infact, there should be Pitch Fee as a line item somewhere in the budget. Agencies should be paid something no matter how small, whether or not they win a pitch or not. At all at all na him bad pass.

How long are we going to continue like this? If you have any useful suggestion to put an end to this madness, kindly share in the comments section…Please.

Do have a great weekend! Where the bottles at?!


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4 responses to “Letter ‘C’ Stole the Meat From the…”

  1. Moses says :

    Well said! The only way to avoid having them sprinting on or off with our ideas without appropriate compensation or payoffs is by building protocols and procedures around intrinsic documentation. Many clients will scamper at the mere mention of an non-circumvention non-disclosure (NCND) or MOU before starting out on their portfolio and that is the sole purpose of documentation; to scare off the jackals.

  2. Mark Amaza says :

    I totally agree with the pitch fee in the budget or signing an agreement to protect your work in the pitch. Makes perfect sense.

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